Sitara Lac N C Thinner 777

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Sitara Lac N C Thinner 777

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HDPE cans, Pet Bottle & PVC Barrels.

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Sitara Lac NC thinners 777 is a mixture of esters, glycol, alcohol, aromatic solvents and ketones suitable diluents to all nitro products. It is manufactured for reducing lacquers before they are applied by different methods. Mainly used for solvent based nitro product.

  • 1: Ensure cap is tightly sealed.

  • 2: Work only in areas of good ventilation. When used indoors always keep doors & windows fully open during application & drying. When applying for short periods only, a suitable catridge mask may be worn provided the filter is changed regularly. When applying paint, it is advisable to wear suitable eye protection.

  • 3: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use or store by hanging on a hook. Do not empty into drains or watercourses.

  • 4: Contains no added mercury.

    • 1: Quickly reduces the consistency of the lacquer & color to the required degree.

    • 2: Improves film smoothness of lacquers & color when applied either by spray or dipping thus extending excellent finish.

    • 3: Lacquer & color driers without blushing, resin blush, pin holing and other surface defects.

    • 4: No orange peel developed after the evaporation of NC Thinner, and therefore increase the tensile strength of the film along with its gloss.

    • 5: NC Thinner has a certain action preventing milky effect of the surface.

    • 6: Quick drying property.

    • 7: Imparts High gloss thus extending excellent finish.

    • 8: No problem of smell and does not cause any irritation to skin even when there is long duration of usage.

    • 9: Improves film smoothness of lacquers when applied either by spray or dipping.

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