Sitara Lac PU Thinner SP 58

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Sitara Lac PU Thinner SP 58

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HDPE cans, Pet Bottle & Metal Drums.

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Sitara Lac PU Thinner SP 58 is a mixture hydrocarbon, ester, and ketone solvents. It is suitable for dilution of all kinds of PU Products including polyurethane sealer. Sitara Lac Polyurethane Thinner SP 58 are generally used in various applications from painting to manufacturing. They are available with low odour.

  • 1: Ensure cap is tightly sealed.

  • 2: Keep out of the reach of children: To avoid unintentional consumption or inhalation, keep out of the reach of children and animals.

  • 3: Use in a well-ventilated location.

  • 4: To reduce the danger of breathing toxic fumes, polyurethane thinner should be used in a well-ventilated environment.

  • 5: Use a respirator or other suitable safety equipment whenever feasible.

  • 6: Avoid direct contact: Polyurethane thinner should be kept away from the skin, eyes, and mouth.

    • 1: It a used for all types of (PU) Polyurethane based Paints and Wood finish.

    • 2: Smooth, shinning finish, slow drying.

    • 3: Mix for final coat of dyco, PU base coat system & PU Ancillaries.

    • 4: Quality final finishing like ICA, imperier, Kapci, Nippon Berger & for all PU Paints.

    • 5: It also helps in giving good final finishing of the product.

    • 6: High Load Bearing Capacity.

    • 7: Abrasion & Impact Resistance.

    • 8: Performance in Harsh Environments.

    • 9: Color Ranges.

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